“The time I’ve spent with Sandra has been invaluable to me.   She looks at things from a slightly different perspective.  Her probing questions and insights have allowed me to consider new ways of looking at the world and has opened my eyes to new possibilities.”
Diane M.
Torrance, CA

“I looked forward with excitement to the beginning and ending of every call I had with Sandra.  I couldn’t wait to tell her the accomplishments and insights I’d had the previous week, and I couldn’t wait to end the call with new actions to achieve. Sandra created a professional and caring environment, totally devoid of judgment, where I could put all my inner thoughts and emotions out there for examination.  From the first call I realized that intuition is one of Sandra’s greatest gifts.  I came to expect her amazing ability to see beyond what I could clearly see myself and draw it into the open.  It was during those times when she used her insight to challenge me that I learned the most about what I truly wanted and what was holding me back from achieving it.

Through coaching with Sandra, I not only accomplished goals, but gained clarity in my life’s purpose and confidence in my ability to create an amazing and fulfilling life.  I now use the strengths she helped to uncover in every area of my life from my job to my marriage. I have a new level of happiness, balance and peace that I had not experienced before.”
Krystina F.
San Diego, CA

“Sandra Long truly has the heart of a coach!  She’s been instrumental to my professional success and has made a significant impact on my personal life as well. With the help of Sandra’s coaching over the past 3 years, I’ve developed the leadership skills that positioned me for the biggest promotion of my career!  I went from managing 1 branch for my organization to leading the entire division of 7 locations!  Sandra has continued to be a key resource for me in my new role.  She has helped me navigate the extremely rough waters that come with taking over leadership of a large organization. Sandra is blessed with amazing insight and the ability to help one feel truly understood.  Having a coach that really listens and genuinely understands is an absolute must for me.  Sandra’s uncanny ability to listen, assesses, and understands is one of her greatest strengths and makes her an incredible coach!  She helps one find the answers within and becomes a personal guide in formulating an effective plan of action.  Anyone genuinely interested in making a commitment to better himself or herself should consider having a personal coach like Sandra walk beside them on their journey.  Sandra has been there for me and has made a huge difference in my life!”
Matt M.
Long Beach, CA

“Sandra has helped me find strength in myself I did not know that I had. She has motivated me to take charge of my life and not just let it flow uncontrollably. With Sandra’s help I have overcome my trepidation about my personal life. She has helped me find the courage to say “No” and not feel guilty that I said no, where before I would say yes even if I did not have time or want to participate.  Sandra has led me down a path that is allowing me to make many changes in myself that has benefited my work relationships as well as personal relationships.  am on a tremendous new path, I am excited and looking forward to the changes I have made with Sandra’s help.”
Cindy R.
Lomita, CA

“Working with Sandra Long has been one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had the pleasure of having. Sandra has a way of getting me to open up like I never have to anyone else, including myself. Her easy going manner and ability to perceive my thought process has made me very comfortable with admitting my short comings and has helped me to become a more effective leader. Since I started working with Sandra not only do I feel more relaxed but I have a greater understanding of what I want my role in life to be.”
Desiree C
Carson, CA