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Personal Coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool for transformation. Whatever areas or issues you want to change, Sandra will work with you to identify and achieve your best results.

Each program below is three months in duration. You will meet once a week for an hour and Sandra is available for email support to hear about achievements or for quick help if you are stuck.  Action plans and accountability are key components of the weekly coaching meetings which will help you stay on your path and achieve your goals.

Everyone can benefit from coaching and Sandra is very happy to talk with you about short term solutions as well.  No one is left out of this process!

Our Programs Include

Life Coaching

Discover how personal coaching can help you uncover the strengths and desires you have for yourself – not the ones other people have for you. 

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Career Growth and Career Transition

Finding the right career path or transitioning to a new career can be stressful and confusing. Sandra brings 25 years as a Human Resources Specialist to assist you.

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