Start-Up & Small Business Coaching

Entrepreneurs, do you have the next big idea?

What would it feel like to turn your dream into a reality?

Career Coaching

Career Growth or Career Transition?

Achievements Through Coaching will partner with
you to co-create new directions and outcomes.

Organizational Peak Performance

Is your organization effectively driving performance?

Are your associates engaged in the mission of your
organization? Find out the 5 ways you can elevate
your team’s performance…

Leadership & Organizational

Take your organization to the next level!

You have the product, you have the team, but something
is missing. Find out today how to unleash and empower
your team to game changing levels!

Life Changing Breakthroughs

Uncover your vision for what you really want!

Whether you know it or not, you have taken the first step
in your journey towards creating a life you love. Intrigued?

Call me today for a free consult and test drive if coaching is for you.

We can customize a program that will meet you exactly where you are!

Personal Coaching

Discover how personal coaching can help you uncover the strengths and desires you have for yourself – not the ones other people have for you.

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Business Coaching

By assessing the current status of your business we co-create action plans to build the business and results you want.

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Clients Say

“The time I’ve spent with Sandra has been invaluable to me. She looks at things from a slightly different perspective…”

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Why Is Coaching For You?

Using a unique set of foundation principles, Sandra Long is skilled at bringing out the best in her clients and at the same time, the client brings out the best in themselves. These foundation principles enable Sandra to use a natural approach in her coaching that shifts energy through an empowerment technique that enables each client to raise their consciousness to a higher level. The end result being solution oriented rather than problem driven.

Through the Core Energy process, clients have had life changes they never imagined. Individuals have manifested the true life they have desired and businesses have reaped the rewards of coaching implementation through increased productivity and profits. This modern form of life change shifts a person’s energy levels and creates a new empowered self that manifests true desires.

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